Hire Equipment

Pellows saws and mower, also have turf and earth moving equipment for hire.

to assist golf super, councils and home owners.

Stand-On Aerator 

100Lt Spray Unit Attached 

With 1.2m Wide Boom 

4" Depth 

Hollow Tine 

3 Hours Approx Per Sport Field 

$300 Per Day

 Toro Tx525-D Mini Digger

Track Width 15cm

Machine Width 42"(104cm) With Bucket 

Length 92"(233.7cm) W/Bucket 70.7"(180cm) W/O Bucket 

Operating Capacity 553Lbs (251Kg)

Avaliable Attachments 

High Torque Auger 

4N1 Bucket 


$180 Per Day 

Vibratory Plow

Minimize Turf Damage (Great For Installing Pipes 2" In Diameter )

* Requires Toro Mini Digger 

$250 Per Day With Toro Mini Digger 

Soil Cultivator 

Breaks up Soil Down To 5.5"(14cm) Deep 

Width 51"(129.5cm)

Working Width 36"(91.4cm)

*Requires Toro Mini Digger 

$250 Per Day With Toro Mini Digger 

Toro Multipro 1250

175 Gallon Tank (662.4Lt)

Low Turf Psi (Ideal For Greens)

Application Rate Monitor

     $150 Per Day 

Toro Reelmaster 5510

Mowing Speed 12.9km/h

To Get The Full Potential Out Of Your Fairway Or Sports Feild.

With Superior Quality Cut For That Special Event 

$100 Per Day 

Toro Greensmaster 3100-D

Equipped With DPA Cutting Units For A Superior Cut 

Mowing Speed 3.2 - 8Km/h

Cutting Width 59"(149.9cm)

Price On Application 

Sod Cutter 

To Relocate Turf 

Speed Up To 135ft/min (41m/min)

Cutting Width 12"(30.5cm)

Cutting Thickness Adjustable Up To 2.5" (6.4cm)

$80 Per Day 

Toro Top Dresser 

Top Dressing And Dust's For Your Renovation Needs

Tow Behind Any Utility Vehicle

Hopper Capacity 25 Cubic Ft 

Spreading Width 60"(152cm)

$180 Per Day 

Dethatcher's And Resow's At The Same Time

     $80 Per Day

Walk Behind Aerator 

 3" Depth

Hollow Tine

   $80 Per Day 

Rover Rotary Hoe

Tilling Width 41cm (16")

Tines 25cm (10") Counter Rotating

Tine Shield 43cm (17")

Tyres 33cm (13")

$80 Per Day 

Toro SGR-6 Stump Grinder 

Perfect For Removal Of Small Stumps 

$150 Per Day 

$220 Wkn

(Pick Up Saturday Return Monday )

Toro SGR-13 Stump Grinder 

The SRG-13 Gets The Job Done 

Great For Grinding Small Stumps In Areas With With Tight Access 

$150 Per Day 

$220 Wkn 

(Pick Up Saturday Return Monday)